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Nov 15, - Join us at our one of a kind road race that takes participants down miles of towering Christmas light displays as part of Lake Lanier Islands.

One-sided effort is not sufficient. If your wife and her family members do wish the Nikaah to continue then only your wish and effort will bring no result. Therefore, approach the local Muslim Jamaat or the Mufti of your locality and carry on as per his advice. Respected Mufti Sahab, Assalaamu Alaikum, There is a young woman who has been diagnosed by her doctor as having an extreme condition of her womb and her ovaries and that she would be unable to have any children as her condition prevents her from getting prenant.

However she and her husband are desirous of having a child. She knows of another sister who is presently 7 months pregnant and wants to have the baby but considers herself unable to take care of the child and wants to give the child up for adoption. Since the husband was not instrumental in impregnating her, thus causing the natural flow of milk,if she is considered as a foster mother by means of this suckling would the husband be a foster father? Please give the reference to your answer from arabic, urdu, or english books. Therefore, the husband will not be regarded as a foster father if his wife breastfeeds any child with such artificial milk.

DREAM: i saw two builduing situated at front of one another in one bulduing lots of boys lived and whereas in other building lots of girls lived there is one boss in both builduing. Therefore, make sincere Taubah, stay away from sins and comply with the Shariah, problems will come to an end, Inshaa Allaah. As regard to the divorce, how can we know if it has happened when you mentioned nothing about it? Inform us of the situation to know the related Islaamic ruling. Dear in Islaam, refraining from sins and complying with the Shariah is the first condition to come out from any difficulties.

Therefore, stay away from all types of sins and follow the teachings of Islaam in every sphere of life. Listening to music, for instance hanging picture of living-being, talking to Ghair-Mahram without extreme necessity, taking interest, all are amongst the sins which must be avoided. Recite each of three Qul-Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas and Aayatul Kursee three times with Bismillah and blow on your hands and then wipe the whole body.

Do this everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah and before you sleep. Besides, one who can recite with Tajweed should recite the following eight Suraas and blow into water. Everybody of the family must drink this water and when it finishes, it must be refilled and read again. The Suraas are as follows: 1. Yaseen 2. Assaaffaat 3. Al-Dukhaan 4. Al-Ahqaaf 5. Ar-Rahmaan 6. Al-Hashr 7. Al-Mulk 8. Hope you will see difference, Inshaa Allaah. If he does not give her Talaaq then she can approach the local Muslim organization or committee consisting of at least one experience Aalim as member of the board or committee to file a case against her husband.

The committee will investigate the case and if it finds the husband really impotent then it will provide him with an opportunity of one year for treatment. If he gets improvement and becomes able to fulfill her right then the case is solved but if he gets no improvement and remains as he was before then the committee will ask him to give her Talaaq. If he does not give then the committee itself will pass the verdict of separation. It should be carried in mind that if the has some physical weakness and not impotent in real sense and has had sex with her even one time then the wife is not entitled to asking for separation.

My daughter goes to a christian school, where she has to read the bible daily and where religious studies is compulsory. Infact she is the best student in Religious Studies. Is she sinning by remembering all the biblical stories and verses. But she also does her islamic duas before eating or going to the toilet.

Is it alright for her to carry on with the prayers or should I speak to the school head and make an issue of it. But I fear that she will be victimised at school if the headmaster is offended. Apart from bible reading and religious studies, students are compelled to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Innocent Muslim children who are not able to differentiate between right and wrong and are deprived of their own religious knowledge grow up with the belief that the bible is their religious book and Jesus is the father and god.

Therefore, it is not allowed for a Muslim to send his children to any Christian or missionary school in order to protect the Imaan of youth and new generation. Imaan is the main asset of a Muslim which can not be sold or compared with any other asset in any cost. There may be Muslim or non-missionary schools in your locality where you can send your daughter if you are interested to build her worldly career.

Assalam O Alaikum, I regularly have dreams about getting bald. Its like I am standing infront of a mirror, and I have a few hair left on my head. Earlier in my dreams, I could only see the scalp through my hair, but lately, its a bald scalp with 5 rows and 5 columns of one hair each. Kindly reply by e-mail. Therefore, stay away from sins, comply with Shariah and make the Zikr of Allaah in abundant. I realy am not sure if this a true dream or just my thoughts. I have seen that there was a an auspicious or something in a place and with somany people I also went wearing a light peachish pinkish ghaghrah..

Some how from there had to go somewhere and found my self and some other people in a desert, hiding under a tree. As I do not remember anythng, except this was a sensation.. Can you please tell me what it is. And if married then you will benefit from the company of a pious Aalim or will be blessed with a son who will be a pious Aalim. This is what I have understood from the dream. Therefore, make sincere Taubah, stay away from sins and comply with Shariah in every sphere of life. Listening to music, for instance, hanging picture of living-being, intermingling with opposite sex, talking to Ghair-Mahram without extreme necessity, taking interest, all are amongst the sins which must be avoided.

Do this everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah and before you go to sleep. Therefore, make sincere Taubah, stay from all types of sins and comply with Shariah in every sphere of life. The ruling concerning this issue has already been explained to you in the earlier post.

I am an indian muslim working Saudi Arabia. I have around Sr As debt to bank which i took as loan to build a house. I need some quraanic spell or supplications to eradicate my debts and get prosperity. Recite the Ayaah no. I hope you can help me with these questions,they have really been the painful knots for my mind. Dear Sister in Islaam, though the rights of women over men are as compulsion as the rights of men over women and both hold equal rights, men are ahead in one step.

They have been granted a position of leadership over women and declared the head of the family. Suratun-Nisaa There are two reasons for giving men the charge of women. First one is that it is the tradition of Allah Almighty to make one superior over another because of some specific reason as He declared a particular house, Baitulllah His house and Qiblah for all Muslims. Likewise, the superiority of men over women is god-gifted. It has nothing with efforts and labours of men and the lapses and weaknesses of women. This Hadith shows the value and position of husband.

Another Hadith says that a woman who dies and her husband is pleased with her, will enter paradise. The second reason is that men spend their properties over women such as offering Mahr dower and providing them with what they need. Allaah Almighty declared women as a favour and reward for men. They should know that Allaah Almighty is a party between them and their wives. For, they join to marriage bond following the commands of Allaah Almighty and become lawful for men. The protection and refuge of Allaah Almighty is always available to them. If the husbands are cruel unto them and maltreat them, they will be guilty of breaching the trust they contracted with Allaah Almighty.

Fear Allah in regard to your wives. He wrote several Urdu books in response to the Arya and Christian objections against Islaam and Muslims. He published an Urdu translation of part of a Hindu scripture, the Yajur Veda. Then he had it translated into English and it appeared under the present title in A little later he published a second part in Urdu. He then went on to expand the English version considerably, which was published in 3 volumes between and However, what I have understood from the dream is you must stay away from sins and all type of innovations and follow the Sunnah of the beloved Nabee in every sphere of life, you will be blessed with honour, respect and wealth apparently from local authority or government.

Your brother may get married to a virgin girl. Inshaa Allaah, you will see difference. Since Hayaa is a part of Imaan and when it is lost, everything is lost. But this character is not recommended in religious issues. Verily Allaah is not shy of telling the truth. Does Gusl become obligatory for a woman after she has a wet dream? Agreed upon We would have been deprived of issues mentioned in the Hadith if they were concealed and kept secret.

Therefore, this is an open site designed to facilitate for our readers the opportunity of getting true information of Deen concerning every facet of life. Assalaamalikum mera sawal ye hai ki kya hum dua main allah say ye kehsakte hai ki meri shaadi falan larke say hogaye. AssalamoAlikum , i want to know the tabeer of one dream. We live in Makkah and my wife saw the dream.

She saw that she recite surah falaq , surah naas nad ayat ul kursi in her dream to get rid of a woman. Woman is a evil. She doesnot know the woman. She has seen the same kind of dreams 5 to 6 times in past. Question Assalam o Alaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatuhu Mofti sahb, I am in circumstances where I have to take some very important decision. I got married in and Allah Blessed me with a daughter this year. My wife, daughter and mother all live with me here in Dubai.

My father was died long back and I am taking care of my mother. As you know, due to increasing inflation it is very difficult to save some money. I could not save any single dirham for last two years since when I came here in dubai. So I am thinking whether to keep my family here with me and keep living without saving any money and just trust on Allah that situation will get better or if I send my family back home Pakistan , I can save reasonable amount every month.

Yesterday night, I abolute and offered two nawaffil and then recite dua for correct guidance from Allah SWT and then slept without talking to anybody. I saw that I am standing by a grave which is made of white stone and I felt in dream that this is my own grave. I am dusting the grave and I am saying to my wife with so much grief that how would you live without me meaning that when I will go into the grave. Jazakumullaho khair. The dream indicates that the situation will remain same even if you send the family back as long as you do not stay way from sins.

Therefore, as a word of advice, make sincere Taubah, stay away from sins and comply with Shariah in every sphere of life. Recite the following after each Salaah in abundant. However, if you have no way out and the wife approves your decision then you may send them for few months. But it is not recommended in any case to stay away from family for a long period. Dear Sister in Islaam! The test has a limited period and does continue for long. Develop love for Allaah and Rasool and leave thinking of that girl, you will get out of the problem.

Haraam always remains the same and it leads to severe end. Consequence of love marriage is enough for an instance. How to perform this salath? This Salaah can be performed for every permissible purpose. As regard to the other point, it is not clear what mean. Can you elaborate it little more? Therefore, Qawaali is not allowed.

Asalamu Alaikum, Mufti Sahib Im sorry i forgot to ask about the interpetation about my dream which i had and I dreamt that i was in a mosque and all the teachers where not there in the mosque any more and the new teachers who took over where allowing people to dance and everyone was dancing and singing in the mosque but I did not say a word in the dream because i thought everyone would go against me because they would say who are you what do you know, could you please tell me what this means? The wife asks her husband to let her go in exchange for money and the husband allows her to go, the martial bond will terminate and one Talaaq Baain will take place.

You are equal to my mother or sister for instance. If the husband intends Talaaq by such comparison then one Talaaq Baain will take place. But if he does not mean anything or compares her with his Mahram in respect and piety then nothing is wrong in making such comparison. However, if he means by the comparison that she is as unlawful for him as his Mahram then she will become unlawful for him till he pays the Kaffaarah. The Kaffaarah of Zihaar is simila to that of Sawm. None can be their mothers except those who gave them birth.

And verily, they utter an ill word and a lie. And those who make unlawful to them their wives by Zihar and wish to free themselves from what they uttered, the penalty in that case is the freeing of a slave before they touch each other. That is an admonition to you. And Allah is All-Aware of what you do. And he who finds not, must fast two successive months before they both touch each other. And he who is unable to do so, should feed sixty of the poor.

That is in order that you may have perfect faith in Allah and His Messenger. These are the limits set by Allah. And for disbelievers, there is a painful torment. If he fulfils his oath and does not have sex till four months pass then one Talaaq Baain will take place. But if he breaks his oath and has relation with her within four months the Talaaq will not occur. However, he will have to pay the Kaffarrah for not fulfilling his oath. The Kaffarah is to feed ten poor for two meals or give each of them 1. If you can not afford any of the stated options then you can keep three fasts constantly.

Those who take an oath not to have sexual relation with their wives must wait for four months, then if they return, verily, Allaah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. In such a case if the wife approaches a Shariah Qazi or Mulim Jammaat and fills a case against her husband then the Qazi will send for both of them ask them to take an oath. If he does not divorce her then the Qazi will issue the separation and one Talaaq Baain will take place. The child will be given in the custody of mother and will not be attributed to the father.

And the fifth testimony ; invoking of the curse of Allaah on him if he be of those who tell a lie. But she shall avert the punishment from her, if she bears witness four times by Allaah, that he is telling a lie. And the fifth; should be that the wrath of Allaah be upon her if he speaks the truth. And had it not been for the grace of Allaah and His mercy on you! Assalaamalikum my question was what is ilm-e-jaber? Verily, Allaah, with Him is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs.

No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Surah Luqmaan Having such belief of future and unseen about an individual is regarded as Shirk. Hence there is nothing like palmistry, fortunetelling or astrology in Islaam. Saheeh Muslim Therefore, it is not permitted to visit a foreteller and ask him about fortune. Believing what he says true is not less than Shirk because of attributing the Illm of Allaah to that fortuneteller. However, seeking advice and making Mashwarah with an individual is not only permitted but also recommended.

Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allaah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him. Asalam-u-alikum mufti sahab i read in quran which is a challenge. This Aayah is also concerning the gathering when the angels, comprising seven lines in every direction, will surround the creatures. None of the creatures will be able to escape on that Day except with the commandment from Allah. There is no refuge! Unto your Lord will be the place of rest that Day. Asalam-u-alikum mufti sahab i want any contact no. He was one of the Companions of the Prophet pbuh.

The Prophet pbuh had prayed to God specially to endow Ibn-e-Abbas 73 with knowledge of the Quran,and he became one of the great scholars of the Quran. He even went so far as to say that they may have a Prophet like Muhammad pbuh ,and had a Adam,like our Adam,a Noah,like our Noah,an Ibrahim like our Ibrahim,and a Jesus like our Jesus pbut. Ibn-e-Abbas- a short biographical note Maududi,Abul Ala. However, the last Aayah of Surah At-Talaaq confirms that there are seven earths like those of heavens. But are these earths together or separated and one under another and are there inhabitants on each earth?

The authenticity of most of the Ahadith which have been reported concerning these issues is controversial amongst the scholars of Hadith. However, no worldly benefit or religious ruling is involved in these matters nor will anyone be asked about these questions in Qabr or on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, the best way is to believe that there are seven earths as well and leave aside what the Glorious has left unexplained. This has always been the practice of Salaf-e-Saliheen to observe silence concerning the issues which do no carry any worldly benefit or religious verdict.

Asalam O Alikum …. Assalam Alaikum, As we read in Quran that sacrifice of cattles is to be perform while hajj. Kindly explain that the sacrifice which we do in Id AL-Adha at our houses is permissible in Quran or in Traditions of our Prophet, did he ever sacrficed cattles at Medina on this day Kindly quote the hadith with full description i. Place of sacrifice and occasion etc. Verily my prayer, my life and my death are all for Allaah, the Lord of the worlds. There is no partner with him and I have been ordered that, and I am one of the Muslims.

He then slaughtered the rams. The animal will come on the day of resurrection with its hair, horns and hooves. The blood of the animal is accepted by Allaah before it falls on the ground. What is Qurbani? Verily, the animal shall be brought forward on the Day of Judgment with its blood, meat etc, and shall be increased in weight seventy times more than its own weight, and thereafter it will be placed on the scale of deeds. But the punishment must be as per the crime.

A disbeliever is a rebel in the court of Allaah and he intends to remain in the state of rebellion even if he lives for an eternal life. Besides, he violates each and every right of Allaah and the rights of Allaah are eternal and hence the punishment for its validation is also eternal. Therefore, eternal hell fire for a disbeliever is quite just. Is the gelatine coating capsules allowed in the usage of medicines — like that of antibiotics, vitamins etc.

If this is not permissible would the law differ if it is used as a Daruurat — necessity? That is, if no other medicine is available then would it be allowed? I was told that the original constitution of the animals skins and bones , etc, have changed and it no longer remains in its original state of Hurmat — as in the case of capsule format — tabdeel maahiya. What really is this tabdeel maahiya — would it be applicable to the gelatin capsules and other further processing or not?

As regard to its oral use, there are different opinions amongst the Muslim Jurists. Most of the Hanafi jurists are of the opinion that the hides of Halaal animal even after tanning is not allowed for oral use. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using gelatin obtained from Halaal animals without any valid reason. As for medication purpose, it is better to avoid taking the pills and capsules that contains gelatin beside that of pig without any genuine reason. This ruling applies only to the animals other than pig.

The case of pig is totally different because it is held to be impure by the Holy Quran and no process can purify it. Secondly, my ruling was to the extent of purity of the Gelatin. So far as its oral use is concerned there is difference of opinion among the Muslim jurists. Some Fuqaha are of the view that hides of a Halal animal can be used orally after being tanned but the majority of the jurists are of the view that it is not allowed for oral use. The latter view has been preferred by most of the Hanafi jurists. However, some of the Hanafi jurisrs and a large number of Shaafie jurists have preferred the permissibility of oral use of the hides of the Halal animals after dabaghah.

Consequently, the use of Gelatin taken from Halal animals, like cow, should be avoided as far as possible acting on the opinion of the majority of the jurists. However, since Imam Shaafie in his latter view has opined it to be Halal and a large number of the Shaafie jurists as well as some Hanafi jurists take it as such, the view of these Fuqaha can be acted upon in the cases of genuine needs.

However, the hair grows on the extreme edges of the lower lip may be cut or trimmed. I would humbly request you mufti sahiba to answer just one question for me, when a girl gets married in overseas without her parents consent and without any of her family is there to see her wedding apart from the guys family considering the girl has no one in that country apart from the guy she is getting married too, is this marriage legal?

This girl got married when there was no one present from her side in the wedding.

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In this circumstance is this marriage legal? As regard to the dream, what I have understood is that you will get the bad news concerning your religion affairs and good about your worldly matters and will come across Haraam wealth. Verily, those who scorn My worship they will surely enter Hell in humiliation! Stay away from all the means and sources of income which have been forbidden by Shariah. Comply with Shariah in every sphere of life and ask Allaah for guidance and Halaal provision.

If you ask Allaah and try to abstain from sins, Allaah will help you out. You may read the following in your supplication. Mufti Sahab Qurbani karne ki niyath hai, kya hum bakra zuba karne ke bajai uski kheemat kisi aur ko desakte hai. We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion It is not permissible for a person who is liable for Qurbaani to give the amount in charity.

Such person must perform Qurbaani during the specific time. Qurbaani can not be compensated by charity nor will it be accomplished. Can you please tell me the ruling on eating the meat slaughtered by Ahle Kitab. We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion The permissibly of Zabeehah depends on taking the name of Allaah at the time of slaughtering.

The permission mentioned in the Aayah No. The word Zabeehah is feminine of Zabeeh which refers to the animal that has been slaughtered or is to be slaughtered whereas the world Halaal means lawful and when it refers to animals then it implies that the animal has been slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic way of slaughtering. Salaam aleykum Can two Saheeh hadiths contradict one another. I was talking to Ghair Muqallid and he said that since Imam Abu Hanifa ra didnt have all the hadiths during his time, that all his rulings cannot be correct, and same with the other 3 imams, and he said that since all the hadiths are present with us now, that we should do our own research.

What would be a response to this kind of claim? In such a case there are four ways mentioned in the books of Usulul Fiqh to remove this apparent contradiction. How funny is the statement that Imaam Abu Hanifah and other Imaams being closer to the period of the beloved Nabee and Sahabah could not get all the Ahadith but the so-called Salafies who came after fourteen hundred years of the period of Khairul Quraan get all the Ahadith and can understate them better than those of eminent Imaams. This type of statement shows their foolishness which the command Muslims can not realize for the first moment and hence they are misguided.

May Allaah protect all from the mischief of theses people who follow their own desires misguiding people to lie that all the Ahadith were not present in the time of four Imaam and hence their all the rulings can not be correct. We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion If an individual is indebted during the days of Qurbaani then Qurbaani is not Wajib on him. Asalamo Alaikum Mufti a christian relative asked me a few questions: how did Allah create human beings? We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion Allaah is Mighty in power and what He wills, comes into existence immediately.

How shall I have a son when no man has touched me. As He wills to create human beings, they come into existence through all the process of creation. Thereafter We made him a Nutfah in a safe lodging. Then We made the Nutfah into a clot, then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh, then We made out of that little lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation. So Blessed is Allah, the Best of creators. Couldthere be a reason that these things are happening to me.

What can I do to avoid these mishaps? Any kind of namaaz or dua to make to ask Alllah to make it easier for me? Should I try harder to get the visa or should I leave it and wait for the right time to come. We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion Definitely there is wisdom behind all these things.

This world is the place where pious and transgressor gose through the trail. Therefore, face the sitiaion with patience, apply all the possible means and then place your full trust in Allaaah. Shaykh Dimasqiah on Paltalk did a talk on sufism the other day and he had a discussion with a dutch brother about Tasawwuf the dutch brother tried to proof that Authentic Tasawwuf is an valid science but sh.

Many misunderstand tassawuf to be a mathhab or a total different science. To those who clim to be salafiyyah then the very same arguement can be used to ask when did any of the sahaaba radhiyallahu anhum say they were salfi? In which book is it mentioned that we should call ourselves salafis? Yes the necessity is to follow the adilla proofs accepted by shariah as the criterion for acceptance and rejection. Simlarily the science of tassawuf is but the acquisition of zuhd, taqwa and the tazkiyya of the nafs which ism the command of ALLAH in the quraan.

Some on account of ignorance and others because of certain impediments which are a cause of misunderstandings they carry in their minds. Shaikhul Islam ibn Taymiyya R. It was only afterwards that it became known. The ulama hold different opinions regarding the root of this word. Piety, devotion and the fear of Allah exelled in Basra during that period and was given priority. A few elders have disallowed this on the basis that it was pretentiousness and others have said that it was not practiced by the Sahaabah R. The majority of the ulama are of the opinion that there is no objection if this happened while in an overpowered state of ecstacy , yet, there is much more virtue in remaining normal at all times.

Hadhrat Imaam Ahmad R. The story of Ali bin Fudhail bin Ayaadh R. Consequently, stories of this nature are related by many such men whose integrity cannot be disputed. We ask Maaf for any inconvenience caused to you due to being late in posting the answer because of Eid occasion Noorul Izaah and Al-Tasheeluz-Zaroori by Mufti Ashiq Ilaahi are recommended for beginning students of Hanafi Fiqh. The translation of the Hadith is as follows:. She said: Very well, if you like, I am prepared to do that. He said to her: Well, do so and narrate it to me. You may marry me to anyone you wish. He said: You had better move now to the house of Umm Sharik.

Umm Sharik was a rich lady from among the Ansar. She spent generously for the cause of Allah and entertained guests very hospitably. I said: Well, I shall do as you wish. He said: Do not do that because Umm Sharik is a woman who is very frequently visited by guests and I do not like your head to be uncovered or removed from your shank and the strangers may catch sight of that which you abhor. You had better move to the house of your cousin, Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Umm Maktum. He was one of the Banu Fihr branch of the Quraysh, and he belonged to that tribe to which Fatimah belonged. So I moved to that house, and when my period of waiting was over, I heard the voice of an announcer making an announcement that the prayer would be observed in the mosque where congregational prayer is observed.

He then said: Do you know why I have asked you to assemble? They said: Allah and His apostle know best. He said: By Allah, I have not made you assemble for exhortation or for a warning. I have detained you here because Tamim Dari, a Christian who came and accepted Islam, told me something which agrees with what I was telling you about the Dajjal. He narrated to me that he had sailed in a ship with thirty men of Banu Lakhm and Banu Judham and had been tossed by waves in the ocean for a month. Then these waves took them near the land within the ocean island at the time of sunset.

They sat in a small rowing-boat and landed on that island. There was a beast with long thick hair and because of this they could not distinguish his face from his back. They said: Woe to you, who can you be? Thereupon it said: I am al-Jassasah. They said: What is al-Jassasah? It said: O people, go to this person in the monastery as he is very much eager to know about you. He the narrator said: When it named a person for us we were afraid of it lest it should be a Devil. Then we hurried on till we came to that monastery and found a well-built person there with his hands tied to his neck and iron shackles gripping his legs by the ankles.

We said: Woe to you, who are you? He said: You soon come to know about me, but tell me who you are. We said: We are people from Arabia and we embarked upon a boat but the waves had been driving us for one month and they brought us near this island. We took to the rowing-boats and landed on this island. Here a beast with profusely thick hair met us and because of the thickness of his hair his face could not be distinguished from his back. We said: Woe be to thee, who are you? It said: I am al- Jassasah. We said: What is al-Jassasah? It said: You go to this very person in the monastery for he is eagerly waiting for you to know about you.

So we came to you in hot haste fearing that that might be the Devil. He that chained person said: Tell me about the date-palm trees of Baysan. We said: In which respect do you seek information about it? He said: I ask you whether these trees bear fruit or not. We said: Yes. Thereupon he said: I think these will not bear fruit. He said: Inform me about the lake of Tabariyyah? We said: What do you want to know about it? He said: Is there water in it?

They said: There is an abundance of water in it. Thereupon he said: I think it will soon dry up. He again said: Inform me about the spring of Zughar. They said: What do you want to know about it? The rescue teams and law enforcement agencies reached the site of the blast. Police and bomb disposal officials collected evidence from the site of the blast and initiated an investigation into the incident. The body of Haroon Bilour was later shifted to Bilour House where ANP workers gathered in great numbers to pay respect to their deceased leader.

The ANP, which governed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province from to , has been a continual target of militant groups operating in the northwest. The militants killed hundreds of ANP leaders and supporters in attacks around the election. Earlier this month, seven people including a candidate of the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal were injured in an explosion during an election rally near Takhtikhel canal. Although there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, the city of Peshawar has for decades been a victim of militancy due to its status as a frontline for the ongoing war against terrorism as well as its proximity to the restless tribal areas and the Pak-Afghan border.

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Barrister Syed Ali Zafar on Tuesday said that the government should challenge the judgment that ordered that civil servants must mention their religion on a form, as nobody should be asked to disclose religious beliefs while seeking employment. The caretaker minister said that growing poverty, lack of education and galloping population were causes of extremism and religious intolerance, and everybody should come together to resolve the issues.

He said that extremism of any kind was a curse and religious intolerance that led to violence was its worst form. However, it was an issue not only in Pakistan but a worldwide phenomenon also, he said. In many cases, the reasons for extremism and violence against minorities were personal vendetta or political and territorial ones, he said, adding that the extremism should not be associated with religion.

The minister said that the government, which was open and transparent, would want a powerful National Commission for Human Rights, which should be given funds and made self-sufficient. If the commission were not given funds, it would be subservient to the government, he emphasised. Every institution, whether it is an investigation agency, court or security agency, should be powerful in its own right.

It is a responsibility of the government to ensure that no citizen imposes his will on others. Ali Zafar said that Pakistan was made a scapegoat after the war in Afghanistan and the West then abandoned the country. Yet Pakistanis have single-handedly fought against the terrorists and succeeded, he said, adding that now there was a need to ensure that such elements never raise their head again and this too can only be achieved through learning. He also said that the political personalities are facing more safe today due to the sacrifices of the security forces.

He further denied involvement in the political process by either the army or its intelligence agencies. The ISPR chief said the armed forces would remain neutral and not interfere in the electoral process. He categorically stated that in case of any irregularity, the personnel of armed forces would only observe and point out to the election commission and would not take any corrective measure on their own.

While the ECP in its notification said that the deployment of armed forces shall be made for the provision of a secure environment in the conduct of the election in a free, fair and transparent manner. The military troops will be deployed inside and outside all the polling stations from July 23 to July 27 for the provision of the secure environment in the conduct of the election in free, fair and transparent manner, said the ECP notification.

It said that the armed forces have been given the responsibility to make foolproof security arrangements during the printing, stocking and storage of ballot papers. The notification said that the armed forces shall also deploy a sufficient number of mobile vigilance teams, Quick Reaction Force DRF and reserves in all constituencies to provide the secure environment. The notification said that the security staffs deployed on polling stations were supposed to first report to the presiding officer, then officer-in-charge, and returning officers respectively if they found any irregularity or malpractice during the election process.

On the other hand, the ISPR director-general made it clear that the armed forces would provide necessary support to the ECP in the conduct of the general election in a free, fair and transparent manner. The ISPR chief in his media briefing said that two personnel would be deployed inside and two outside sensitive polling stations while there would be normal deployment on other polling stations.

He said as per the mandate given by the ECP, they were also responsible for the security of printing presses during the printing of ballot papers. Maj-Gen Ghafoor pointed out that the armed forces would provide only security and the handling of the election material would remain the exclusive domain of the ECP. He said that the Army has set up an election support centre in Rawalpindi for coordination with the ECP. Replying to a question about allegations of rigging and political engineering, he said that allegations of rigging have always been levelled before and after elections in the past.

He said that the armed forces have been waging the war of survival of Pakistan for the last 15 years and they cannot deflect attention from the core issues of security and defence. Answering a question regarding the election symbol of jeep allotted to various people, he said it was the ECP, which allotted election symbols to candidates and the armed forces had nothing to do with the specific case.

He urged the media to play its role in creating awareness for free, fair, and transparent elections. Regarding invisible forces, he said that anybody to be elected by the people of Pakistan will be acceptable to the armed forces. He also denied the role of the ISI in allotting election symbols to the contesting candidates. About donations for a fund established for the construction of dams, the ISPR chief said that the army chief has also donated his one-month salary for this purpose. Mr Musharraf pleaded that the NRO was promulgated by him as then president on the advice of the government, which was later declared by the apex court void ab initio through its judgement in December Mr Musharraf said the promulgation of the NRO was aimed at fostering mutual trust and confidence amongst the holders of public office, removing vestiges of political vendetta and victimisation, making the election process more transparent and amending certain laws, in addition to ancillary-related matters.

The reply insisted that all actions taken by the then president were in accordance with the laws as existed at that time. Mr Musharraf requested the court to dismiss the petition to the extent of his involvement. Earlier, Mr Zardari had filed a reply pleading that no case of causing losses to the public exchequer or looting and plundering national wealth had ever been proved against him in Pakistan or abroad. He said he had no role in the promulgation of the NRO because he was in jail when it was introduced, adding that the cases against him were reopened when the NRO was set aside by the Supreme Court in and all cases were tried de novo which resulted in his acquittal on merit.

The court had ordered the respondents to furnish details of their bank accounts and assets both inside and outside the country as well as investments made in offshore companies.

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Dozens of mosques located at Indonesian government buildings in Jakarta have been promoting radical Islamic teachings, according to the results of a study released by a local NGO on July 8. Suggesting the government should look a bit closer to home in its fight against radicalism, the Association of Islamic Boarding School and Society Development and Rumah Kebangsaan — a social organization — said 41 out of mosques located at government offices in the capital have promoted radicalism during Friday sermons. They include espousing the creation of caliphate and conducting hate speech, according to the study findings.

The study took place between Sept. The results "show that the government seems not to be paying much attention to their own mosques," association chairman Agus Muhammad told ucanews. He called for the government to up its game and take a closer look in its own backyard and for moderate Islamic organizations "to take a more active part in delivering sermons at state-owned mosques. Father Antonius Suyadi, who heads Jakarta Archdiocese's Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, expressed alarm at the study findings, saying they "illustrate how strong the threat of increasing intolerance is.

The study results came as little surprise to Helmy Faishal Zaini, secretary-general of the country's largest Islamic organization, Nahdlatul Ulama, who said his organization has warned both local and central governments about this in the past. Make a list of preachers who often deliver provocative sermons and ban them," he said. However, Anwar Abbas, secretary-general of the Indonesian Ulema Council, expressed doubts over the study findings. The fact is the nation is still solid. Even love for the nation is stronger," he said. The number of Muslim divorces fell to a five-year low last year, thanks to recent initiatives to bolster marriages within the community, although some experts warned it is too early to celebrate.

There were 1, divorces among Muslim couples last year, down 3. Last year's figure was the lowest since when 1, Muslim couples split up, according to the marriages and divorces statistics released by the Department of Statistics yesterday. Experts attributed the dip to new initiatives aimed at strengthening marriages in the Muslim community.

Another possible contributing factor to the fall is the Government's increased focus on supporting couples in their marriages, said a representative from the Singapore Muslim Women's Association, which conducts marriage preparation courses as well as marriage counselling sessions. However, the top reason for divorce was infidelity, with This was up from Other observers cautioned that the fall in divorces should not be a cause for celebration yet. JAKARTA: As a university student, Luna Atmowijoyo prayed five times a day, refused to shake hands with men who weren't relatives and was "more fundamentalist" than her pious Muslim parents.

But a decade later, Atmowijoyo has turned her back on Islam and is among a small number of atheists in Indonesia who live in fear of jail or violent reprisals from religious hardliners. Leading a double life - devout Muslim on the outside, non-believer on the inside - is often the only choice for atheists in the world's biggest Muslim majority country.

Atmowijoyo, who lives with her parents, still wears an Islamic headscarf to escape the wrath of an abusive father who knows nothing of his daughter's change of heart, which started when she was told to avoid friendships with non-Muslims. Treating gay people as abnormal was another problem and it soon became impossible for Atmowijoyo - once a conservative Islamic party member - to square the Koran's teachings with science. The sprawling Southeast Asian archipelago is officially pluralist with six major religions recognised, including Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism, while freedom of expression is supposed to be guaranteed by law.

But criticising religion - particularly Islam, which is followed by nearly 90 per cent of Indonesia's million citizens - can land you in jail. This year, a university student was charged for a Facebook post that compared Allah to the Greek gods and said the Koran was no more scientific than the Lord of the Rings.

He faces up to five years in prison. Alexander Aan was jailed for 30 months in for posting explicit material about the Prophet Mohammed online and declaring himself an atheist. The prosecutions fit a wider trend of discrimination against the archipelago's sizeable population of minorities, observers said.

Authorities, however, insist atheist beliefs are not illegal - as long as they're not aired in public. Two decades after the fall of dictator Suharto - who kept the country running along secular lines - conservative Islam has exploded into Indonesia's public life in lockstep with the rise of hardliners and religiously motivated violence. The country has grappled with Islamist militancy for years, including the Bali bombing that killed more than in Indonesia's worst-ever terror attack.

More attacks followed and this year, 13 people were killed in a wave of suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group that targeted Christian congregations. Buddhist temples have also been attacked, while this year an angry mob rampaged through a small community of the Ahmadiyya Islamic minority on the island of Lombok, destroying homes and forcing dozens of members to flee. Atheists who were interviewed said they worried that hardliners, encouraged by populist politicians, could turn their attention to them next.

Many apostates - particularly those from conservative Muslim backgrounds - assume two identities, like Atmowijoyo. While small groups hold regular meetings in large cities, most have sought out like-minded individuals online. The "You Ask, Atheists Answer" open forum on Facebook has nearly 60, members, and there are more like it online. Karina, based in Singapore, said when she found a private Facebook page for fellow atheists in her native Indonesia she finally felt she was "not alone".

Atheists who were interviewed said they worried about doxxing - publishing private information to identify users - by radical Islamist cyber groups, which regularly make death threats. Indonesia is not the only Muslim-majority nation where non-believers face danger. Secular and atheist bloggers have been killed in Bangladesh, atheists have been threatened by government officials in Malaysia and jailed in Egypt. Indonesia, by contrast, is often praised for its moderate, inclusive brand of Islam - but that is something many atheists say is no longer a reality. Karina said she was concerned about friends back home.

Chairman of the Selangor Islamic Religious Council Mais Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said Selangor had fixed the minimum age for marriage for men at 18 years while for women, it is 16 years. He added that Muslim parents and guardians who want their underaged children to get married must make sure that they are physically and mentally ready. In a statement through an aide, the Mumbai-born who is a Malaysian permanent resident also gave a commitment that he will not break any laws during his stay here. He then expressed disappointment over some local media reports, which he claimed had tarnished his image by linking him to terror-related activities, and accused him of delivering hate speeches.

Unable to find any evidence against me, they resorted to doctored video clips, out-of-context quotations and a host of dishonest schemes to accuse me of terrorism, hate speech and even money laundering. He insisted that he has never promoted terror using Islam in 25 years of preaching.

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I would never wish to disrupt or jeopardise this balance in any way, or to break the rule of law of this country, because it is my primary concern to foster the social harmony currently enjoyed by its citizens. Dr Mahathir has said that Malaysia will not deport Dr Zakir back to India, as long as he does not create problems here. The Mumbai-born Islamic televangelist is wanted by the Indian government for alleged money laundering and terrorism. Earlier yesterday during an anti-corruption programme in Putrajaya, Dr Mahathir said the government will not give in to pressure from groups to deport the controversial preacher, but instead consider all factors in deciding what is to be done with Dr Zakir.

In a speech at the opening ceremony, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his intention to hold an international conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and expressed his support for the two-state solution and the Arab Peace Initiative. He urged China to continue its support for Arab issues, foremost among them the Palestinian cause. Vision also aims to create a climate of tolerance and moderation, confront extremism, and enable Saudi women to be partners in moving the Kingdom forward, he added.

Riyadh is consulting with Beijing on cooperation regarding the BRI, and on encouraging the Middle East to play a key role in the project, he added. In retaliation, the government and its ally Russia pounded rebel-held areas in the coastal province of Latakia and neighboring Idlib on Tuesday. It was the bloodiest opposition assault on the area in three years, according to the Britain-based monitor, which relies on a network of sources inside the country. The surprise offensive late Monday targeted a pair of villages and observation points in Latakia, near the Turkish border.

Another 40 government loyalists were wounded and six rebels were killed, he said. The Observatory said the opposition fighters included local rebels from Latakia as well as more hardline forces. Forces opposed to Assad have repeatedly attacked the province since the uprising broke out in March They hold a northeastern sliver of territory bordering the neighboring province of Idlib.

The regime and Russia also bombarded that strip of land and parts of western Idlib with air strikes and artillery fire on Tuesday, killing four civilians, the monitor said. That area falls under a de-escalation deal agreed last year between Russia, fellow regime backer Iran, and rebel ally Turkey. A suicide car bombing on Tuesday killed eight newly reconciled fighters from pro-government and rebel ranks in an attack on a south Syrian village claimed by ISIS.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the explosion hit Zaizun, a village in the western countryside of Daraa province which rebels agreed in recent days to hand over to regime control. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted on the Telegram messaging app, saying the car driven by a suicide bomber had been packed with explosives. Zaizun lies near a sliver of southern territory controlled by Jaish Khaled bin Walid, a faction that has pledged allegiance to ISIS, which is not bound by the deal between the rebels and the government.

Abdel Rahman said it was likely that this faction was responsible for the attack, adding it was the first suicide bombing targeting regime forces since they launched an offensive on Daraa. Backed by Russia, Syrian troops began a bombing blitz of Daraa province on June 19 that killed dozens of civilians and displaced more than , people. The onslaught came to an end on Friday, when Moscow brokered a deal with rebels for them to surrender their weapons and hand over towns to government troops. The agreement also provides for safe passage for thousands of opposition fighters and civilians to rebel territory further north, although those transfers have not yet begun.

The regime is now in control of around 80 percent of Daraa province, while rebels hold around 15 percent, according to the Observatory. Anticipating a regime attack, thousands of people have fled the ISIS-held zone in the past two days heading toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Around , displaced people have already sought refuge along that frontier, which remains sealed, according to the United Nations. Government forces have not yet begun their assault but rebels nearby hit the ISIS-held area with artillery and mortars late Monday. The army men staged a rapid march on terrorists and freed the entire border region between the Southern province of Dara'a and Jordan after imposing control over Zeizoun region West of Dara'a.

The only area in Dara'a still under terrorists' control is a few-kilometer-long chunk of the border taken by the ISIL. The army has now cut off the link between the remaining pockets of terrorists trapped in Dara'a city and the operation room in Jordan that is run by the army and security services of a number of Arab and western states, known as the Al-Mouk Operation Room.

Reports said earlier today that the army troops captured more bordering checkpoints and managed to lay siege on the Southern city of Dara'a after terrorists insisted on battle with the government forces in the Western parts of the province. The army men drove terrorists out of 7 bordering checkpoints No 29 up to 35 at the country's border with Jordan. The army soldiers further advanced towards the Western direction of the hills near al-Katibah al-Mahjourah Air Defense Base in Western Dara'a and managed to lay full siege on Dara'a city.

In the meantime, local sources said that the army has purged terrorists from a vast region from Nasib border-crossing to Zeizoun township and from Sout of Tisiya to Southeast of Dara'a city and Zeizoun. The army men launched fresh attacks on terrorists' positions in the Southeastern part of Dara'a city that is under a full siege of the government forces.

The army soldiers further managed to seize control over Qaraz district. In the meantime, other units of the army hunted the remaining pockets of terrorists in Southwestern neighborhoods of Dara'a city and imposed complete control over the Old Customs area and al-Hajana Battalion Base. Field sources reported that the army has further tightened noose on the terrorists trapped in Dara'a city after its advances on Tuesday.

Two units of Firqa Sultan Morad, affiliated to the Turkish army, engaged in fierce clashes in the town of Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo, inflicting several casualties on both sides. Meantime, local sources said that residents in Northern Aleppo are showing anger over continued infighting among the terrorist groups in the region through several demonstrations against militants, calling for their expulsion from their towns and villages. In the meantime, Ankara-backed Jarabulus Local Council warned civilians that had sought shelter in a school to leave there immediately. Militant-affiliated sources reported that the Turkish army is planning to establish a university affiliated to the Turkish university of Gaziantep at the school in Jarabulus.

Based on the latest reports from Jarabulus, people at the school have protested at the council's order to leave the school. The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported last week that the Turkish soldiers exchanged heavy fire with the militants of al-Hamza Brigade at the entrance of the occupied town of Afrin along al-Fil Street in Northwestern Aleppo. Hawar news further said that the Turkish army's heavy artillery fire at one of the positions of al-Hamza Brigade near Deir Sam Hospital and also near the village of Tarandeh has frightened residents in the region.

The clashes came after the Turkish troops urged al-Hamza members to leave Afrin and deployed in the town's outskirts that was opposed by the Brigade, Hawar news said. A group of militants in al-Matiyeh township in Southern Dara'a endorsed peace with army. In the meantime, other terrorists in Tafas township in Western Dara'a handed over their military and armored vehicles to the army in line with the implementation of the peace agreement in the region.

Meanwhile, army helicopters dropped thousands of surrender-now leaflets over the villages of al-Harra, Kafr Shams, Zamrin and Salmin in Death Trianble in Northern Dara'a, calling on the militants to surrender to the government forces. The Russian Defense Ministry announced in its latest report on Monday that militants in more regions in Dara'a and Sweida provinces handed over their weapons to relevant officials and ended fight with the Syrian army. The Center reported that 15 towns in Dara'a and a town in Sweida province have joined the peace plan. It added that totally 75 regions in Dara'a province joined the peace plan, increasing the number of such regions in Southwestern Syria to BEIRUT: Syrian regime forces have bombed villages and towns in the northwest after a surprise attack by insurgents, say activists.

The activist-operated Idlib Media Center put the death toll at four. The regime assault came hours after opposition groups in Idlib seized the village of Ateera near the border with Turkey in a surprise attack. It was a rare advance for the armed opposition. The regime is waging a wide-scale offensive in southern Syria, where it recently retook a major crossing on the border with Jordan. The Observatory and other activist-operated platforms reported that over 24 soldiers were killed, including a number of officers.

Similar agreements elsewhere in the country have collapsed in the face of regime offensives, and the regime is expected to advance on Idlib province once it has secured other areas. Daraa was the scene of the first anti-Assad protests that spiraled into a war now estimated to have killed half a million people.

The conflict has driven over 11 million people from their homes, with some 5. Regime forces began thrusting into Daraa province last month. Heavily outgunned rebels surrendered quickly in some places as the US, which once armed them, told opposition forces not to expect its intervention. The regime offensive is expected to turn next to nearby rebel-held areas of Quneitra province, at the border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The UN said on Monday it would immediately start providing humanitarian assistance to thousands of civilian families affected by the fighting in the Daraa, Sweida and Quneitra areas of southern Syria.

Indian intelligence infiltrated Islamic State ring to track, arrest Afghan suicide bomber sent to hit Delhi. In an audacious counter-intelligence operation, unprecedented in its scale and scope, Indian security agencies infiltrated an Islamic State ring to thwart a bid by an IS Afghan suicide bomber to strike New Delhi. The IS operative, who lived in New Delhi in the guise of an engineering student, was flown to Afghanistan days after he was arrested and is, at present, understood to be in custody at a key US military base in Afghanistan. Sources have told The Indian Express that an month-long surveillance operation in Afghanistan, Dubai and New Delhi yielded intelligence that a group of 12 IS operatives were being sent after training in Pakistan to carry out bomb attacks in the region.

Initially, he lived in the college hostel but, sources said, he subsequently rented a ground-floor apartment in Lajpat Nagar,. There is an indication, from his questioning, that the suicide bomb attack in the Manchester arena in UK on May 22, , killing 23 people, could have been triggered by a member of the same IS group which included the Afghan picked up from New Delhi.

Sources said that the type of explosives he demanded in New Delhi were similar to the ones used in the Manchester blast. It was at this stage that a decision was taken to infiltrate the IS circuit. With a flow of telephone intercepts giving away details of the arrival of the bomber in New Delhi, a suitable candidate was picked for befriending the Afghan. Sources said that the Indian operative was the one who located the Lajpat Nagar safehouse for the Afghan, though initially a third-floor place was arranged, this was later changed to a ground-floor apartment.

This Indian agent was finally tasked by the IS to arrange for explosives for the New Delhi strike at which stage, a multi-agency surveillance ring was thrown around the Lajpat Nagar house, sources said. Constant feedback was being given by him to his handlers in Afghanistan. Another twist to the dramatic early-morning swoop was the fact that the consignment of explosives and improvised devices was delivered to the Afghan by the Indian without any triggers as the ultimate subterfuge.

Those in the know of the ensuing interrogation of the IS bomber picked up from New Delhi say that besides Indian counter-intelligence experts, US agents also joined the interrogation. Sources said his confessions have helped US forces strike at many Taliban targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Disturbing to see Muslims being targeted in the country: Mulk actor Taapsee Pannu.

Weighing in on the increased prejudice against Muslims in the country, Taapsee Pannu says it is very disturbing that a particular religion is being targeted. Taapsee made the comment at the trailer launch of her upcoming film Mulk, which is the story of a Muslim family caught in a terror plot. My manager is a Muslim, my driver, my house help are Muslims. These people are inseparable to me. So this was a big reason for me to do the film.

I thought if someone has to stand up then I would like to take that responsibility. So it goes on in our country.

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Communist Party of India Marxist and its government in Kerala led by Pinarayi Vijayan have stepped up its political offensive against Islamic radical organisations operating in the state. Abimanyu, 19, was brutally killed inside Maharaja's College campus in Ernakulam on July 2. The campaign is followed by house visits alerting families to keep vigil against PFI and its terror designs. The CPI M offensive against PFI and its affiliated organisations have shaken the radical groups in Kerala which thrived on government's patronage in the past.

Kerala's ruling governments had taken a lenient view of PFI due to vote bank politics. Now we are scrutinising their presence in our party at various levels and have warned all party members that their association with radical sponsors will be monitored and treated as an anti-party activity," the CPI M leader said. The brutal killing of Abimanyu inside a college campus exposed their operation channel.

Kerala Police has detained around people involved in various criminal activities after the murder and raided around premises. The raids and arrests revealed that the radical groups under the shelter of SDPI were involved in money laundering, hawala operations, real estate mafia and blackmail. Media reports on setting up of shariah courts fake, says Muslim board. It has been and will be running Darul Qazas under the arbitration act.

Our Darul Qazas are only arbitration centers that are helping the society. A similar attempt to stoke a controversy and challenge the legality of these centres was made earlier too, and a petition was filed in the Supreme Court, which upheld their validity in A case in point was also the heat generated on the instant triple divorce bill, Mahli said. He said the campaign not only created awareness but also helped in removing misconceptions among both Muslims and non-Muslims that instant triple divorce was one of the most deplorable practices and should be shunned by the community.

While speaking at a conference on Kashmir in Mississauga, Bangesh revealed, "I can say it to you, and I say it with all humility, but with great pride that we 'The Friends of Kashmir' also have a role in the production of this report. In fact, I had personal correspondence with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, e-mail correspondence in which he responded to my personal letter and e-mail saying that he would like to have access to both sides of Line of Control".

Confessing about lobbying and consultation with officials in Islamabad, Bangesh added, "I responded to him Zeid Ra'ad alHussein after speaking to the Foreign Office spokesperson in Pakistan, Mr. Do we back bite. Is it not orruption. How can we be mad at government when we partake in these haram and unlawful acts.

No Imran khan or zardari can force you to help you to change or with these basic morales. Only Islam can help Pakistan. Because when Islam is implemented percent people will stop.. And that is when corruption end. Being too proud of being a Pakistani is essentially nationalism. We need to back to history and see that we are one Muslim ummahh. What is Pakistan?

The borders are sewn by Britain. Pakistan is nothing. Before we are Pakistanis, we are Muslims. But there is hope because Muhammad swt said there will be Khalifah! That unites the muslim ummah. IA we will stop worrying about Pakistan and take care of ummah.

Islam brothers Islam. To publish such detailed personnel information is very risky, you must be very careful. Sorry to disappoint you but web admin is not in a position to offer you a job. Good luck. Respected sir I want to join your company so please give me a chance to work with your respective organization,no work experience but willing to join… maqsa50 yahoo. Thar Coal Reserves is the major break through for the economy of Pakistan.

Dreams will become true if we are successful to shape this project properly. I am available and keen tojoin hnd to work on this projec. Shafiq Maitla Contact Person: Engr. Shafiq Maitla E-Mail: mmaitla yahoo. Yes its true that working together as one and uniting is the only way we can take pakistan to the peaks of success and beyond.

We need to bring in changes in ourselves first. Shafiq Maitla, I think Mr Maitla has sketchy information about the Coal but does not know the details. I can not say I know too Much b ut as much as I am aware that the Coal definitely is huge quantity but the Layer is thin and thus whole Tharparkar will have to be Dug. If pakistani Coal would be Commercially Viable then Millions of tons would not be imported by Cement and other factories from South Africa.

I am sure many will now write that It is again the conspiracy of USA or the leaders of pakistan. Haroon, If we go by what you are saying that Pakistani Coal is not commercially viable then I think you donot understand Pkaistan. We didnot even use our own Water to generate electricity is our own water also not commercially viable or our governements donot let these things happen inorder to take commission from international companies. Why being an agricultural country we are not able to fullfill our own needs of things like sugar is it because our sugar cane is not commercially viable or it is because of that mafia which stocks sugar and smuggle it to other countries.

The thar coal is not being used only because our leaders are corrupt and dishonest. If they start using our own natural resources,then who will give them heavy commisions.

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This is the reason why our resources were never exploited and used. Barak Obama. I am trying developing a model for the sustainable education of the orphan children at Sawera schools and I am working on a couple of proposals. The indigenous craftswomen of camps will be given raw material as well as training for making some handicrafts which are traditionally purely Kashmiri. This community learning center would provide a nucleus around which we will eventually build the sustainable livelihood programme as well as the next phase of development where we can design some model colony for the camp dwellers with the help of AJK government.

The handicrafts made by the Kashmiri artisans and craftswomen will be exhibited and auctioned at fundraising dinners in London, Manchester and other big cities so as to raise the awareness among Pakistani community regarding the need for better care of the Kashmiri refugees and also for the education of their children. Part of the proceeds of the auction would be utilized for the education of the camp children in Sawera Schools.

Now we would need the support of the AJK Government to provide us with two pieces of land in Muzaffarabad as well as Karika. The Center will be purpose build on that in both places. This is of course the medium and long term plan for the livelihood of IDPs and the education of the children. But for the short term I need funds for the immediate needs of the Trust schools. The school immediately needs our attention and the children need books, bags, uniform, warm clothing with the approaching winter. The students in the Karika school especially the girls need the toilet without delay.

The Karika School also needs electricity and safe drinking water. There is a dire need for supplies for the schools and I am trying hard to find some help. Dear Oversees, if you are really intrested in development of our country, please do investment in education sector.

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I also adopted a student and Now he is completing MBA and i personally sponsored him for his education. I have budgetary cionstraints. If you could do this please do investment in education. Hello to everyone! I found this site just by chance, and like it! Its a different story if all this money is wasted by our friends in the Government of Pakistan by useless and unnecessary trips to foreign countries and other types of debauchery. I would say well done, and may God almighty give you more! The Government includes the Civil and Military beaureuacracy, and the Politicians.

The Governance is almost non existent; it is the Government that is keeping Pakistan and its people poor. A Federal Secretary or a General, or a Minister has a huge huge salary, a huge house, and a posse of servants like drivers, cooks, gardeners, batmen, and all this is free of cost to themselves; of course there is no such thing as a free lunch, so the money for all this comes out of taxation.

Now, looking at another aspect, with democracy, we have thousands coming into the Parliament, with thier hordes of hangers on. Nevertheless, people attending draw thier travelling and daily expenses, running into billions of rupees. All this money is again made up by surcharges of bills etc. The Army, because it has the gun, is another can of worms; it is the biggest burden, a back breaking burden, on the common people.

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It has started many wars with India, but non have been won. Imagine the expense in lives and money. It came up with the harebrained idea of training and arming militants and keeping them on its own soil, who have now turned around and the army is finding it hard to control them. The destruction in property, lives, and livelihood needs no elaboration from me. The question is, who is going to confront any of these people and ask for accountability? Currently, if you have to go to the court may God forbid , the saying in Pakistan is you should hire yourself a Judge rather than a lawyer!!

The lawyers are extottionists, at least the Judge, if the payment is right, will win your case. Musharraf did some things right, like fixing the economy to a certain extent, however he totally boobed when it came to the Judiciary. Strengthening, and giving Pakistan an independent judiciary perhaps would be a first step. Many other things, like education at all levels, must follow. Can you do it???????

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JAMIL form UK says that 10 years ago he built four story buklding in Mirpur Azad Kashmir for software development centre and since then he is collecting rent from shops constructed on the ground floor. He tells a wonderful story that now in the record of Mirpur Registry name of his father changed allegedly by the local administration. Vert strange and very unique case ever heard of. He says it is taking me years to put my own land back on to my name. What a wonderful story that he is getting the rent while the alleged mafia has only got the piece of land transferred in their name.

The mafia was only interested in transfer of title and not in taking possession of the property and getting regular income namely rent payment. Javed, Javed, The land Mafia can not take physical possession of my land because I will not let them. The real mafia in Pakistan is the political parties and the government of Pakistan, that alter the land registry records. What I could not understand is why people in Pakistan even vote for these people, do they not have any one better in their country.

When Pakistanis leave Pakistan they are very successful. Here in Bradford where I live, most of the property is owned by people of Mirpuri origin. We also have a lot of large businesses and could set up factories in Pakistan, if they let us. But every time we do so, they try to rip us off, thinking we are stupid which we are not!

How could you do business in such an environment. Pakistan has great potential if the people chose honest people to govern them. It has access to the sea and even the chinese are willing to build rail roads and motor ways through Pakistan so that they could export goods from factories in Eastern China via Pakistan. The Central asian states also want access the the sea via Pakistan.

Pakistan has a lot of rivers and rainfall for agriculture and a lot of natural resources and resourceful people, if only they used their brain when they visit the polling stations. When ever I visit Pakistan, I am shocked by the way the so called richer Pakistanis look down on the poor people in their country. That is the real source of your problems.

When there is injustice there is violence and when the poor are oppressed they will rebel. When Pakisan was created, they should have taken way the lands of the big land lords like the Buttos, who got their lands because of their work for their colonial masters. Now these people print currency and take that money, take the tax money, take the import duties and take bribes from the US for killing innocent people in the North West of Pakistan.

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For the last two three years fires in government offices in mysterious timings eg in National Shipping twice on Sundays only, have become a routine on which eye brows of intellectuals have rightly arisen. An illiterate hotel waiter working abroad in a small Pakistani restaurant approached Overseas Pakistanis Foundation seeking its help on the matter of a plot he purchased from a private developer. The story was allured on newspaper advertisement two hotel waiters paid full money to the advertiser but when they visited Rawalpindi they found the scheme was doubtful.

They sought OPF assistance. The OPF acknowledged the receipt of the complaints but did not later forward any progress or results. The poor hotel waiter as is usual with the help of someone who could write applications for him kept writing OPF seeking progress but never got response. After about years continuous chasing through reminders over reminders the OPF last year came up with a marvelous reply that as per policy five years old record was destroyed hence write a new complaint to be destroyed in next 5 years?

She further says we have to select righ persons and get rid of these political con artists. I do not understand when one does not have the proper knowledge of anything why to indulge in advising others. Shahana does not have the basic knowledge that Overseas Pakistanis have no right of vote as such how can they vote through Embassy. The Embassies have no arrangements to hold. My sister thus in other words perhaps advises all the Overseas Pakistani to spend at an average Rs. There was a general belief that since mostly uneducated politicians comes from feudal lord families hence they do not pay any attention for the betterment of the masses and indulge themselves into misrule.

It was believed when the lower middle and educated class will come in power they would do eathe real good goverance. This belief died when the real educated and lower middle class MQM came into power. Not doubt it did not come in exclusive power nevertheless what performance it showed the hope and belief of middle class and educated ones died. Then another belief got generated that since Oversesas Pakistan had seen good governance abroad when they would come into power they will run the country with rationale policies for the betterment of the masses and the country.

In the last assembly more about 20 parliamentarians were Overseas Pakistanis settled abroad. Their performance was the worst than feudal uneducated or doubtful degree holder traditional politicians. MIHAS through his post above advises someone to tell Pakistani authorities that while country is begging Overseas Pakistanis bring more foreign exchange on the other hand with his hands full of foreign currency bank drafts of huge amounts he is unable to open an account in Lahore as each bank is hesitant opening of account and want to know source of his income.

He is dealing online shares transaction hence his inability. In response to it Mr. However Overseas wish to know from Minhas which Bank in Lahore he tried to open his new account as SBP may ask for further information. I have full sympathies with Minhas and can feel his pain in not getting his account opened but I would also at the same say that before being critical to the country, nation or institutions one must be clean to himself too.

Overseas has taken the story of Minhas at par as written whereas I can not take his story fully as it definitely has some fishy smell in it. Minhas went to Banks in Lahore with huge amounts bank drafts in his hand or hand bags. The Banks refused opening of the account and they did it legally and rightly.

Minhas must himself is or had been an OP before coming back to Lahore. However that does not matter much. All such transactions are properly recorded. For example any of my relative sends me Pak Rs. Likewise under universally agreed practice when I will deposit the same bank draft in my account in Pakistan the SBP would too require a similar declaration.

Minhas says he is dealing On Line Shares business. Here it is smelling foul. On Line Shares business is a legal business and thousands and thousands are earning their livelihood through this modern gadget. But payment to such people come through established channels. Minhas has not established his own Stock Exchange. Minhas is not selling or busying shares physically directly from registered seller but through some stock trading company.

Hence any physical payment through a Bank Draft or through electronic transaction through a bank not directly will come from that stock trading company. And such a bank draft thus does not come just lying in a post envelope but with a covering letter. Why Minhas is not giving those documents to the Bank enabling it to open the account. In simple words the huge amount bank drafts are coming to Minhas from some people — Minhas just needs to apprise the bank with documents who these people are and why they are sending huge amounts — simply he can do is take a letter from the stock trading company through which he is dealing certifying that he is doing online trading and deposit it with the Bank.

The matter will finish. To every problem there almost exists a solution. It is generally said the tougher the laws or difficult the technology invented, people use their brain to over come the problem. Due to space and limit of posts in these columns I will quote one example to understand. In I invested Rs. Being a person employed on a clerical post this was a big amount for me. The NS Centre was at about 6 miles from my home. With the development of area after one year a new NS Centre opened near my residence in Karachi. I applied for shifting of my transfer to new centre which was refused on the ground that one place to another meant from one city to another city and not within same city.

I took up the matter with the Federal Ombudsman when the National Savings submitted a very non sense that transfer within same city was risky while from one city to another risk free. The National Savings also submitted that however if a specific request is made the Department sympathetically considers within the same city.

Anyhow instead of making a specific request other words special humbly begging I used my brain. I applied for transfer to Lahore. In transfer application my address still remained the same as of Karachi. When the account was transferred to Lahore, I applied for its transfer to Sialkot from there to Islamabad and then to Faisalabad where I have never gone in my life.

From Faisalabad I applied for transferred to the new centre near my home. This all exercise was to make a point at some forum which is not point here. Pakistanis living abroad as well as residents in Pakistan under the law are today allowed to keep foreign currency accounts. Open an account with it. To every problem there should be some sort of solution but that does not come just in frustration criticizing unnecessary the country. Last but not the least, I am not aware if Minhas is from that breed like our most of politicians, bureaucrats etc whom huge money keeping coming in from different directions or is a commoner like me.

Do be brinked by glamour of fully air conditioned bank buildings with superb sofas but opt for real banking service. Farooq Sattar after taking over as Minister for Overseas Pakistanis in his first statement stated that remittances from Overseas Pakistanis OPs will increase as the government was taking steps to achieve it including sending more workforce abroad.

His statement surely is based on summary prepared by the bureaucracy which is expert in drawing such beautiful green garden designs sitting in air conditioned offices over coffee and free phone chat on office expense. The whole world knows there is no more scope at least at present and in the very near future of any large scale foreign workforce employment in the middle east.

Our own resources due to the unfortunate law and order situation mainly created by outside forces can not afford us such schemes for OPs which involve spending of national money where even a common service like the ATM is not available to all in big cities like Karachi, Islamabad. Farooq Sattar fortunately belongs to a real educated class not merely a certificate holder and more particularly from sq. I am also resident on a similar sq.

Sattar with present set up I very much doubt can practically deliver anything to the OPs. Farooq Sattar and MQM taking the opportunity of its presence if can do two very simple things will be as big as that of getting the whole Kashmir annex to Pakistan. The first one is taking advantage of its majority hold in Karachi City Local Government, it saves the established Mehran Town Housing Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis situated in Korangi from the hands of encroachers and gets it officially declared as a small cottage industrial area. Every government claimed that OPs were very dear to it.

Nawaz Sharif sloganed that the OPs whether holding Pakistani passports or foreign were Pakistanis, Pakistan was their home and they belonged to one family. He further stated that they can any time come their home Pakistan and do whatever they wanted. This is a minor thing but elite bureaucracy would not like to do it as this idea does not involve any expense from the national exchequer and this bureaucracy likes only those schemes on fetch huge expense. Those Governments who can not do such small things needing no task force, no expenditure etc how can their words be trusted.

E Pakistani Ambassador at Large, H. E Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad, H. Thus he showed his inner by imposing a sort of heavy tax without payment of which a Pakistani origin was barred to come to Pakistan. Then in the same series of love for OPs, a new income generating technique was invented namely separate ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis on cost of which the above Conference also showed its concern and desired to reduced its fee.

Some incentives were announced for those who remit Rs. Most of those incentives looked very beautiful in the book as except for a free passport there was nothing practically useful for majority of Pakistanis. The free passport incentive is about Pak Rs. Farooq Sattar is going to extend everyone irrespective holding a card or not. I was then working abroad and held the Gold Card. After about years of introduction of these Cards, I raised the question with the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation when I received a very shameful response.

I was informed that though this incentive VIP Guests in functions was announced in the budget speech but later the concerned Ministry did not agree to it. The point was as to why the incentive was announced at the first hand without first getting the approval. Secondly if it was later not approved then as to why it was not made public and was not this effect announced with same fanfare as its introduction was announced.

Many of us sent. At this the OPF who had got our bank drafts got en-cashed, came out with a usual hanky phpanky that the private company without first informing it released the advertisement. It be noted the address for sending money was that of OPF with its and government monograms.

The ordinary Pakistani worker does not meet any VIP treatment etc. His needs are very minor and limited having no financial repercussions. For example instead of arranging VIP treatment, Dr. Not more. There are only two columnists in Pakistan whom I respect from deep inside of my heart and sometime I practically include their names in my prayers. And these respected are Honourable Mr. Irshad Ahmad Haqqani and Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee. With later one sometime I little differ when he writes in his own style about Islamic values and about our army. Ardeshir Cowasjee has an advantage over the other viz that even in his this old age and despite tremendous dangers he not only keeps writing about land mafia but at his own cost keeps with a little group of his alike the Courts moving.

Ardeshir Cowasjee has resources of all sorts. ALLAH may give him more. What an ordinary man has? He should at least guide the common man whom he shames. KDA as it claims developed the land which developed was washed away by floods in Karachi. This senior citizen can not remember that during the last more than 10 years how many dozens and at what places like each new President, each new PM, each new Minister, Public Account Committee, NAB, Senators, Sindh Ombudsman etc he wrote on huge expense and time. To my all these addresses I pleaded one specific issue that an independent committee be constituted comprising Mr.

Ardeshir Cowasjee, Ms. Yasmee Lari etc which may on my expense visit the site, take random soil samples, get these laboratory tested to determine if its digestion system had practically digested all what KDA financial files show having been consumed by this soil from to date. No body ever even acknowledged me. With the defunct Ehtisab Bureau some other Overseas Pakistani filed a complaint on Mehran Town as I read in the newspapers but later that complain file disappeared. The scheme since long under the active patronage of KDA, area police, Revenue Department is being encroached upon.

Even duplicate allotments deliberately were issued by the Sindh Revenue. Last year news appeared that KDA were again issuing duplicate allotments. Concerned circles have long raised the voice that since this scheme today was not worth inhabitation for the human being it be declared a cottage industrial area.

With induction of new government last year both the Overseas Pakistanis Weekly Bladi of serious Daily Jang and daily The News International a few months back published features with photographs saying today anyone without any fear but with a party flag can sit on any plot in the scheme. On the web online complaints Sindh Governor and Sindh Chief Minister I raised the issue with no acknowledgement at all.

Even last year I addressed the much praised by Mr. Ardeshir The Sheri which also did not respond. Recently I addressed a complaint to the Sindh Ombudsman complaining that the concerned Sindh Government Departments had not responded my complaints which is an act of mal administration. In these circumstances will the noble Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee advise what further course of action is left for this old man and hundreds of other affected OPs who almost all today are senior citizens.

Many having died. How important is this issue can be judged from the only fact that about 10 years back the senior intellectual Mr. On appearing of his first column same evening the then Federal Secretary Information met Haqqani at his residence assuring him that the government will take note of, also requested Haqqani not to use his pen any more on this ill fated housing scheme. For the information of Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee since then we had not entered into the list of top honoured nations, had not earned 12 billion reserves and had not inducted in abundance the good governance in our government departments hence the then Secretary did read the article and at least tried to console.

Javed, I may not agree fully with the contents but would acknowledge one thing that I am your companion in One sense that I also grew up reading articles in dawn by Justice Retd Ardeshir Cowasjee and one of His admirer.