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Nov 15, - Join us at our one of a kind road race that takes participants down miles of towering Christmas light displays as part of Lake Lanier Islands.

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Color Vibe Lunch, Lecture, Laughs! We have significant continued opportunities in Orange County.


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Go nuts on the inspiration. Collect your ideas, start an inspiration board, and go all crazy with your dreaming and planning. Then once your brain is stimulated and all its crazy circuits are firing off, chuck the ideas you have collected. What did you love when you were little? Who is your fave fictional character? What scenery are you in love with?


What is sexy to you? What grabs your attention? Create a color palette that turns you on. What colors look wrong together? Is it because they are wrong that they really just look so, so right? Put it on the calendar. The inspiration, the model, the location, the MUA. No excuses man. Just MSH: make shiz happen. Then also add your epic photo shoot date itself to the calendar. The location. If you find a location that gets you all pumped-up visually because it so different than what you normally shoot, then you need to shoot there! Oh and PS, the biz side of my brain has to add to make sure wherever you are shooting is covered by your insurance.

Fear and loathing in lighting. Play with a lighting set up that you rarely use and freaks you out. So if it all goes to crap you can laugh about it later. Act like a boss. Hire or get a starry eyed new photographer to be your assistant. Make sure you are comfortable bossing them around. While shooting, pretend you are tipsy. Go through and find the top 10 images from the shoot.

Boudoir Divas | ᔕʋƥɛʀ ᔕɑʋƈɣ ᔕɑʋƈɣ | Burlesque corset, Corset, Burlesque show

Be cut-throat. Be brutal. Only choose the best of the best. Then come back on another day with a fresh eye. From those 30 images 3 copies of each, of your top 10 pics that you exported, chose 1 from each of the 3 duplicates. Then airbrush and sharpen right now we are in love with Kubota Magic Sharp. It gives us a chance to process our images differently than we would for a normal client. Artists deserve a gallery showcase. That might come when we are like 50 and can hold our own against Annie Leibovitz. But for now we make our own showcase through our blog, twitter, and Facebook.

This is a must. Because while this shoot was done for the love of what we do, the icing on the cake is the fact that it will get other people excited about us and our work. A bonus is that it will generate more hype and more clients! Art for the sake of celebrating beauty — that just happens to also create an income…. And we are so, so grateful. The Challenge. Now we challenge you!

Are you in? Comment below and tell us the dates of your planning sessions and shoots below, and link to your blog so we can all keep each other accountable! And here are some images from a couple previous editorial shoots…. Chelsea is so, so cool. Here is why… she flew into Cali to have a boudoir shoot done by yours truly, she bought most of her amazing outfits on Pinupgirlclothing. Oh and best of all she is also a photographer! You rocked it Chelsea! Details for the Paris boudoir workshop can be found here. It is the gratitude we feel for God allowing us to have a career in which we can celebrate His beauty by using every bit of the creativity and imagination He blessed us with.

These concept shoots are something that we plan months ahead and dream about even longer than that. We are so grateful to Tenley and Kiptyn for doing this shoot with us. As well as quite a few others like:.