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November 23, Leave a comment. Leave a Comment. Commission File No. Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company. Words such as "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "plan," "project," "target," "can," "could," "may," "should," "will," "would" or similar expressions may also identify such forward-looking statements. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements as such statements speak only as of the date they were made.

Any forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from the events or results described in the forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, risks and uncertainties related to:. The events described in the forward-looking statements might not occur or might occur to a different extent or at a different time than we have described.

As a result, our actual results may differ materially from the results contemplated by these forward-looking statements. We assume no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements. PART I. ITEM 1. We believe the Company is the largest distributor of professional beauty supplies in the U. Within BSG, we also have one of the largest networks of professional distributor sales consultants in North America, with approximately professional distributor sales consultants who sell directly to salons and salon professionals.

Sally Beauty Supply targets retail consumers and salon professionals, while BSG exclusively targets salons and salon professionals. We provide our customers with a wide variety of leading third-party branded and exclusive-label professional beauty supplies, including hair color products, hair care products, styling appliances, skin and nail care products and other beauty items. This channel exclusively serves salons and salon professionals and distributes "professional-only" products for use in salons and resale to consumers in salons. Many brands are distributed through exclusive arrangements with suppliers by geographic territory.

We believe that BSG is a leading full-service distributor in the U. In addition, we offer our BSG products for sale to salons and salon professionals through the Company's websites including www.

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This channel serves retail consumers and salon professionals through retail stores and the internet. This channel is served by a large number of localized retailers and distributors, with only a few having a regional presence and significant channel share. We believe that Sally Beauty Supply is the largest open-line distributor in the U. In addition, the Company's websites including www.

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This channel focuses on direct sales to salons and salon professionals by large manufacturers. This is the dominant form of distribution in Europe, but represents a smaller channel in the U. Mega-Salon Stores. In this channel, large-format salons are supplied directly by manufacturers due to their large scale. Key Industry and Business Trends. We operate within the large and growing professional beauty supply industry primarily in the U.

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We believe the following key industry and business trends and characteristics will influence our business and our financial results going forward:. High level of marketplace fragmentation. The U. Growth in chair renting and frequent stocking needs. Salon professionals primarily rely on just-in-time inventory due to capital constraints and a lack of warehouse and shelf space at salons. In addition, chair renters formerly referred to as booth renters and suite renters, who now comprise a significant percentage of total U.

Historically, the number of chair renters and suite renters has significantly increased as a percentage of total salon professionals, and we expect this trend to continue. Given their smaller individual purchases and relative lack of financial resources, chair renters and suite renters are likely to be dependent on frequent trips to professional beauty supply stores, like BSG and Sally Beauty Supply.

We expect that these factors will continue to drive demand for conveniently located professional beauty supply stores. Increasing use of exclusive-label products. We offer an extensive range of exclusive-label professional beauty products, predominantly in our Sally Beauty Supply segment. As our lines of exclusive-label products have matured and become better known in our retail stores, we have seen an increase in sales of these products.

Generally, our exclusive-label products have higher gross margins for us than the leading third-party branded products and, accordingly, we believe that growth in our sales of these products will likely enhance our overall gross margins. Furthermore, we believe that we provide our customers with a unique value proposition by offering compelling exclusive-label brands that we believe to be of the same quality as leading third-party branded products at an attractive price. Favorable consumer trends.

Our industry is characterized by continuously changing fashion-related trends that drive new styles, including hair and nail styles, and continuing demand for beauty products. In addition, we expect the aging baby-boomer population in the U. Our continued success depends largely on our ability to anticipate, gauge and react in a timely and effective manner to changes in consumer spending patterns and preferences for beauty products.

We continuously adapt our marketing and merchandising initiatives in an effort to expand our market reach or to respond to changing consumer preferences. If we are unable to anticipate and respond to trends in the marketplace for beauty products and changing consumer demands, our business could suffer. International growth strategies. A key element of our growth strategy is to capitalize on international growth opportunities and to grow our current level of non-U. For example, our number of international company-operated stores increased from stores to stores during the last five years.

In addition, we have completed a number of international acquisitions over the past several years that. We intend to continue to identify and evaluate non-U. Our ability to grow our non-U. Continuing consolidation. There is continuing consolidation among professional beauty product distributors and professional beauty product manufacturers.

We plan to continue to examine ways in which we can benefit from this trend, including the evaluation of opportunities to shift business from competing distributors to the BSG network as well as seeking opportunistic, value-added acquisitions which complement our long-term growth strategy.

However, changes often occur in our relationships with suppliers that may materially affect the net sales and operating earnings of our business segments. Consolidation among suppliers could exacerbate the effects of these relationship changes and could increase pricing pressures. For example, if L'Oreal or any of our other suppliers acquired other distributors or suppliers that conduct significant business with BSG, we could lose related revenue.

There can be no assurance that BSG will not lose revenue over time including within its franchise-based business due to potential losses of product lines as well as from the increased competition from distribution networks affiliated with any of our suppliers. Relationships with suppliers. Sally Beauty Supply and BSG, and their respective suppliers are dependent on each other for the distribution of beauty products. We do not manufacture any of the products we sell, including our exclusive-label products, and purchase these products from a limited number of manufacturers. As is typical in distribution businesses particularly in our industry , these relationships are subject to change from time to time which often results in the expansion or loss of distribution rights, including exclusive rights, in various geographies and the addition or loss of product lines.

Some of our contracts with manufacturers may be terminated by such manufacturers if we fail to meet specified minimum purchase requirements. In such cases, vendors may change the terms upon which they sell to us, as we do not have contractual assurances for the continued supply of products, pricing terms or access to the vendor's new products.

Infrequently, a supplier will seek to terminate a distribution relationship through legal action. Changes in our relationships with suppliers occur often and could positively or negatively impact our net sales and operating earnings. We expect to continue to expand our product line offerings and to gain additional distribution rights over time through either further negotiation with current and prospective suppliers or by acquisitions of existing distributors. Although we focus on developing new revenue and cost management initiatives to mitigate the negative effects resulting from any unfavorable changes in our supplier relationships, there can be no assurance that our efforts will continue to completely offset the loss of these or other distribution rights.

High level of competition. Sally Beauty Supply competes with other domestic and international beauty product wholesale and retail outlets, including local and regional open-line beauty supply stores, professional-only beauty supply stores, mass merchandisers, on-line retailers, drug stores and supermarkets, as well as salons retailing hair care items. Although Sally Beauty Supply positions itself to be competitive on price, its primary focus is to be a source of professional advice, solutions and salon-quality products, rather than a discount leader.

BSG competes with other domestic and international beauty product wholesale and retail suppliers and manufacturers selling professional beauty products directly to salons and individual salon professionals. Although we believe BSG positions itself to be competitive on price, its primary focus is to provide a comprehensive selection of branded products to the salon professional.

We also face competition from authorized and unauthorized retailers and internet sites offering professional salon-only products. The increasing availability of unauthorized professional salon products in large-format retail stores such as drug stores, grocery stores and others could also have a negative impact on our business. We primarily compete with these competitors on price, selection, convenience and customer service.

Our continued success is dependent on our ability to successfully compete with our competitors and the success of our strategic initiatives to enhance the customer experience, drive brand awareness and improve customer loyalty. Economic conditions. We appeal to a wide demographic consumer profile and offer an extensive selection of professional beauty products sold directly to retail consumers, and salons and salon professionals.

Historically, these factors have provided us with reduced exposure to downturns in economic conditions in the countries in which we operate. However, a downturn in the economy, especially for an extended period of time, could adversely impact consumer demand of discretionary items such as beauty products and salon services, particularly affecting our styling tools product category and our full-service sales business.

In addition, higher freight costs including those resulting from increases in the cost of fuel, especially for an extended period of time, may impact our expenses at levels that we cannot pass through to our customers. These factors could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Controlling expenses. An important aspect of our business is our ability to control costs by right-sizing and maximizing the efficiency of our business, particularly in an environment of increasing labor and real estate costs. We currently expect significant labor and rental cost increases to continue for the foreseeable future as we compete for talent and attractive retail locations with other retailers.

Opening new stores. The success of our growth strategy in the future depends in part on our ability to open and profitably operate new stores in existing and additional geographic areas and, more specifically, in international geographies as international growth becomes an increasing driver of our future growth and the U. While the capital requirements to open a Sally Beauty Supply or BSG store, excluding inventory, vary from geography to geography, such capital requirements have historically been relatively low in the U.

We may not be able to open all of the new stores we plan to open and any new stores we open may not be profitable, any of which could have a material adverse impact on our business, financial condition or results of operations. Changes to our information technology systems. As our operations have grown in both size and scope and as cyber-attacks and security intrusions involving retailers have become more frequent, we have improved and upgraded our information systems and infrastructure while maintaining the reliability and integrity of those systems and infrastructure.

These improvements have included putting in place a standardized. As we continue to grow and the prevalence and sophistication of cyber-attacks continues to increase, we will continuously need to improve and upgrade our information technology systems and, as a result, we anticipate incurring additional costs in the future in connection with these continuous upgrades and improvements. Sally Beauty Supply. Our Sally Beauty stores carry an extensive selection of professional beauty supplies for both retail customers and salon professionals, featuring an average of 8, stock keeping units, or SKUs, of beauty products across product categories including hair color, hair care, skin and nail care, beauty sundries and styling tools.

We believe that Sally Beauty Supply has differentiated itself from its competitors through its customer value proposition based on delivering an extensive selection of leading third-party branded and exclusive-label professional beauty products at attractive prices through knowledgeable sales associates and convenient store locations.

Store Design and Operations. Our Sally Beauty stores are designed to create an appealing shopping environment that embraces the retail consumer and salon professional and highlights its extensive product offering. In the U. Store formats, including average size and product selection, for our Sally Beauty stores outside the U. Our Sally Beauty stores are organized by product type in ways that allow its customers to easily navigate through its stores and that encourage cross-selling and impulse buying through the use of strategic product placement and displays that highlight new products and key promotional items.

During the past two years, we implemented store refresh initiatives designed to enhance the consumer experience at our Sally Beauty stores, primarily in the U. S, by upgrading the look, feel and "shopability" of our stores. As part of these initiatives we have added a "nail studio" display and a hair color education center, and have recently reset key merchandising sections across our Sally Beauty stores in the U. In addition, we have recently installed new floors, LED lighting and updated signage at a number of our U.

Sally Beauty stores. Our store refresh initiatives are intended to provide our customers with a brighter and more engaging store that is easier to navigate than before the refreshes. Our Sally Beauty stores carry an extensive selection of third-party branded and exclusive-label professional beauty supplies. Sally Beauty Supply manages each category by product and by SKU and uses centrally developed plan-o-guides to maintain a consistent merchandise presentation across its store base primarily in the U.

Through its information systems, Sally Beauty Supply actively monitors each store's performance by category. We believe Sally Beauty Supply's tailored merchandise strategy enables it to meet local demands and helps drive customer traffic into its stores. Additionally, Sally Beauty Supply's information systems implemented in its North American and in substantially all its European locations enable it to track and automatically replenish inventory levels, generally on a weekly basis, allowing it to maintain high levels of in-stock, in-demand merchandise, including both regular-priced and promotional items.

Sally Beauty Supply's pricing strategy is differentiated by customer segment. Professional salon customers are generally entitled to a price lower than that received by retail customers. However, Sally Beauty Supply does offer discounts to retail customers through its customer loyalty program please see " Marketing and Advertising" below. The following table sets forth the approximate percentage of Sally Beauty Supply's sales by major product category:.

In addition, certain product categories have been updated to reflect current business practices. Leading Third-Party Branded Products. In addition, Sally Beauty Supply offers an extensive selection of exclusive-label merchandise. We believe that carrying an extensive selection of the latest premier branded merchandise is critical to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

The merchandise Sally Beauty Supply carries includes products from one or more of the leading manufacturers in each category. Sally Beauty Supply's objective is not only to carry leading brands, but also to carry a full range of third-party branded and exclusive-label products within each category. As beauty trends continue to evolve, we expect to offer the changing professional beauty product assortment necessary to meet the needs of retail consumers and salon professionals. Exclusive-Label Products. Sally Beauty Supply offers an extensive selection of exclusive-label professional beauty products.

We believe that our exclusive-label products are of equal quality as higher-priced leading third-party brands and provide customers with an attractive alternative to these higher-priced products, further strengthening our value proposition. Generally, our exclusive-label products have higher gross margins for us than the leading third-party branded products, and we believe this area offers continued growth potential. Sally Beauty Supply maintains exclusive-label products in substantially all its product categories.

Sally Beauty Supply intends to continue to invest in the growth of its exclusive-label brands and to actively promote these products in an effort to strengthen this category of products, while also making these brands more distinctive and well-known. For example, in the fiscal year , we have completed the repackaging of a substantial portion of our exclusive-label products in an effort to further enhance the appeal of these products to our customers.

Marketing and Advertising. Sally Beauty Supply's marketing programs are designed to drive customer traffic on the short-term and, on the long-term, brand preference by differentiating the Company as a source of professional advice, solutions and salon-quality products at competitive prices, all backed by our "Love It or Return It".

Our marketing programs differentiate between our two distinct customer groups: retail customers and salon professionals. We continuously adapt our marketing initiatives and adjust our media mix and messaging with the goal of achieving the highest possible return on our marketing and advertising dollars. We target existing and potential customers through an integrated marketing approach designed to touch the customer through every medium he or she engages in, including direct mail, email, social media, text, digital advertising, print advertising including full page ads in fashion magazines and television primarily in the U.

During the past year, we transformed our sallybeauty. We frequently update the design of our website in an effort to enhance its appeal to our existing and prospective customers. In addition to generating e-commerce sales, we believe our website is an important vehicle to reach consumers researching beauty products online who could potentially visit our stores as a result of their experience with our website. The Sally "Beauty Club" is a loyalty program for customers who are not salon professionals. Beauty Club members, generally after paying a nominal annual fee, are eligible to receive a discounted price on almost every non-sale item.

Members can also earn rewards and are eligible to receive direct mail, text messages and e-mail communications that contain special offers, beauty tips and new product information. We have recently improved the sophistication of our CRM capabilities to better respond to our customers' behavior in an effort to drive the customer experience and increase sales. ProCard members are eligible to receive discounts on all beauty products sold at Sally Beauty Supply's stores and website, as well as special offerings available only to salon professionals.

Outside the U. Store Locations. Sally Beauty Supply selects geographic areas and store sites on the basis of demographic information, the quality and nature of neighboring tenants, store visibility and location accessibility.

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Sally Beauty Supply seeks to locate stores primarily in strip malls, which are occupied by other high traffic retailers including grocery stores, mass merchants and home centers. Sally Beauty Supply balances its store expansion between new and existing marketplaces, with future store growth expected primarily in non-U. In its existing marketplaces, Sally Beauty Supply adds stores as necessary to provide additional coverage.

In new marketplaces, Sally Beauty Supply generally seeks to expand in geographically contiguous areas to leverage its experience. We believe that Sally Beauty Supply's knowledge of local marketplaces is an important part of its success. The following table provides a history of Sally Beauty Supply's store count including franchised stores during the last three fiscal years:. Beauty Systems Group. We believe BSG is the largest full-service distributor of professional beauty supplies in North America, exclusively targeting salons and salon professionals. BSG and Armstrong McCall stores provide a comprehensive selection of professional beauty products, featuring an average of 9, SKUs of merchandise, that include hair color, hair care, skin and nail care, beauty sundries and styling tools.

BSG is also the exclusive source for certain well-known third-party branded products pursuant to BSG's exclusive distribution agreements with certain suppliers within specified geographic territories. BSG stores, including its franchise-based Armstrong McCall stores, are designed to create a professional shopping environment that embraces the salon professional and highlights its extensive product offering.

Company-operated BSG stores, average approximately 2, square feet and are primarily located in secondary strip shopping centers. BSG store layouts are designed to provide optimal variety and options to the salon professional. The selection of these and other brands varies by territory. Professional Distributor Sales Consultants. In order to provide a knowledgeable sales consultant team, BSG actively recruits individuals with industry knowledge or sales experience, as we believe that sales consultants with broad product knowledge and direct sales experience will be more successful in driving sales.

In addition, BSG provides training to new sales consultants beginning with a two-week training program, followed by a program of continuing media-based training delivered through audio, video and web-based e-learning. The program is designed to develop product knowledge as well as techniques on how best to serve salon professionals. In addition to selling professional beauty products, our sales consultants offer in-salon training for professionals and. An important component of sales consultants' compensation is sales commissions.

BSG's commission system is designed to drive sales, as well as focus consultants on selling products that are best suited to individual salons and salon professionals.

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The following table sets forth the approximate percentage of BSG sales attributable to each major distribution channel:. BSG stores carry an extensive selection of third-party branded products, featuring an average of 9, SKUs of beauty products, including hair color and care, skin and nail care, styling tools and other beauty items.

Some products are available in bulk packaging for higher volume salon needs. Through BSG's information systems, each store's product sales performance is actively monitored, allowing maintenance of an optimal merchandise mix. Additionally, BSG's information systems track and automatically replenish inventory levels on a weekly basis, enabling BSG to maintain sufficient levels of product in stock.

BSG's primary focus is to provide a comprehensive selection of branded products to the salon professional at competitive prices. BSG is also the exclusive source for certain well-known third-party branded products pursuant to BSG's exclusive arrangements with certain suppliers within specified geographic territories. Increasing our distribution of well-known brands is an important aspect of our growth strategy for BSG, and BSG has recently acquired distribution rights for important brands in new geographies and extended contracts with several key existing vendors.

We believe that carrying an extensive selection of branded merchandise is critical to maintaining relationships with our professional customers. The following table sets forth the approximate percentage of BSG's sales attributable by major product category:. BSG's marketing program is designed primarily to promote its extensive selection of brand name products at competitive prices and to educate, motivate and empower its customers to grow professionally.

BSG communicates on a frequent basis with its customers and potential customers, and distributes promotional material through multiple communication channels, including trade shows, educational events, store personnel, professional distributor sales consultants, print mail, e-mail, text and social media. In addition, we offer an average of 15, SKUs primarily in the U.

We believe that our websites enhance our other efforts intended to promote awareness of BSG's products by salons, salon professionals and retail customers, as appropriate. These classes are held at BSG stores and led by manufacturer-employed educators. Salon professionals, after paying a small fee to attend, can learn about new products and beauty trends. We believe these classes also increase brand awareness and potentially drive sales in BSG stores.

Furthermore, our recent improvements to our CRM capabilities have enabled us to more effectively communicate with our BSG customers. Loxa Beauty. BSG's www. Loxa Beauty enables consumers to receive expert advice online from salon professionals of their choice while crediting the chosen salon professional with any resulting product sale.

The salon professionals are able to assist their client in the selection of the best salon products for their clients' particular needs while earning sales commissions when their clients order products using the Loxa Beauty website. We believe that this sales channel has good growth potential for BSG over the next several years. BSG stores are primarily located in secondary strip shopping centers resulting in relatively lower operational costs per square foot than our retail stores.

Although BSG stores are located in visible and convenient locations, we believe salon professionals are generally less sensitive about store location than our retail customers. The following table provides a history of BSG's store count including franchised stores during the last three fiscal years:.