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Updated: By: John Matarese. Joyce Riebe runs a dog rescue in her home. Doesn't Want Digital Coupons Riebe says she likes to clip coupons the old fashioned way, not register for them, where marketers then have her email address. But for old fashioned coupon clippers like Joyce Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Dear P&G, Could You PLEASE Make it Easier to Redeem Your Printable Coupons?;
  • What happened to all the Tide and Downy coupons?.
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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Continuous Local News. I pay extra close attention to the sales and my coupons I clip…it has saved me money so that I can actually put back a few dollars for things that might suddenly pop up like car tires. So this would be awful. I buy products based on discounts, sales and the aide of coupons. So if the product is not affordable because I do no have a coupon to bring down the price than so be it.

I just pass on buying the product. None in indianapolis and i agree it would not even be an issue with even going somewhere else to have them printed off but most stores around here wont take the printed coupons. Thats the only issue I have. The Gadsden Times in Alabama got the insert but the laundry are just instructions to go print. Very disappointed.

Same with the coupons in the Annister Star. I mean really, perspective people. Heres an idea…. This really sucks in my opinion…. I bought 50 and several of us kick in to buy them…. I guess I will be stuck with them and the cost of the inserts. I think everyone should email proctor and gamble and complain. The negative entitled attitude is so ugly. Why be upset with a company for not offering you a high dollar q.

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Get over it and grow up. I work a full time and part time job and make a pretty decent salary. Couponing is my hobby. So would they track that as fraud? I have a gas station and a grocery store that do this for me.

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I get anywhere from free papers every Sunday night. They just throw them out anyway. I was mad only for the simple fact that jot everyone have a computer or printer to print the coupons. I always open the paper and see whats inside before I buy. And if there is a coupon I want and my area didnt get it. It called family all over the US! So I will get it one way are another. I live in Spring Hill Florida which is Hernando county is a very small area in Brooksville which is less than 15 minutes is even smaller city and they got them there also so its not necessarily the size of your city.

I live in Ohio and it seems like our coupons are such low amount any more. There are lots of ways to save money without coupons. For some people, name brand detergent is just as much a luxury as these items and they need to adjust their shopping accordingly without expecting savings no one is required to provide.

I go to my paper distributor and buy a bundle of papers…. Could it be that only big cities where groceries are very expensive is where the coupons were in the paper? The Chicago Tribune had them.

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Just a thought….. The stores in VA where I am located refuse to take printed coupons.

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Because of coupon fraud. Not sure, but its a coincidence worth considering…. That is not fair and we all want these coupons. I even bought extra papers to get these coupons.

You need to send them to us like were suppose too. Please respond to this email as soon as possible. Thank you. Plus- you win more flies with honey than vinegar.

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En indiana dan los insert muy pobres yo miro que en otros estados asta los venden. I did get mine, but I would not have had an issue if I could have printed them off. On the other hand, my mother would never consider printing coupons. They need to consider the demographic they are marketing to. Those that are over 60 will be less inclined to utilize technology for coupons. They will purchase the products that they receive coupons on, in their sunday papers. And YES, the over 60 market is huge… think about that.

Paying for a paper entitles you to have inserts- not specific coupons. As long as your paper has the inserts promised, they have fulfilled their business contract with you.


Companies are under no obligation to offer coupons in said inserts or to offer coupons of certain values- or even coupons in the same inserts across regions. These are advertising brochures for companies- they can participate however they want. That is between them and the newspaper who buys the inserts for inclusion. Exactly- sometimes the entitlement of couponers is rather appalling. This attitude is often at the crux of the mentality for those that misuse, shelf-clear, and generally act without manners while in retail stores IMHO.

As far as I see it- this sentence hit the nail right on the head! I dont think its a sense of entitlement. People pay for the Sunday newspaper at a higher price because of the coupons. If the coupons are not there, then the people would not buy it. As log as your paper has the inserts promised, they have fulfilled their business contract with you. Companies are under no obligation to offer coupons in said inserts or the offer coupons of certain values- or even coupons in the same inserts across regions.

Being upset about this is like being mad at your local restaurant for not offering groupons you like. You sign up for groupon- no business is required to offer them and groupon has no control over the value of offers businesses include on that site. Not all couponers misuse, shelf clear and generally act without manners. And now a one-coupon limit. Are stores really so insufficiently stocked that buying more than one item with more than one coupon will clear a shelf and prevent other shoppers from finding the product?

Clearly not. The coupon change could be a risky move, though, at a time when more shoppers are deal-seekers and fewer are brand loyal. Most cashiers are unlikely to scrutinize the new fine print and turn away shoppers who try to use more than one of the same coupon.

07-28-19 August P&G

Nor will self-checkouts be able to read the new coupon restriction. Many retailers already impose their own limits of four like coupons and have programmed their registers to reject any more. Meijer recently moved to a much more restrictive two-coupon limit , but no retailer has — or is likely to — automatically limit shoppers to just one like coupon of any type.

Instead of solving the problem of overredemption then, tightening up the coupon language could ultimately make it even worse. The greatest impact, though, might be on how deals are shared online. That means the ethical couponers are the ones most likely to be affected by the new limit, while others will likely continue to try to get away with whatever they can. But with fewer bloggers promoting deals that require the use of more than one of the same fabric care coupon, the idea is that fewer shoppers will even think to use more than one on their next shopping trip. Or can they?

But that was before digital and printable coupons were around, and when consumers were much more limited in where they could shop or what they could buy. Frankly, the are better products than Tide. Instead of buying 4 products of theirs I will buy none.